WIW-pants, keep or pass on?

Hi! This is another comfy casual outfit. The top is so comfortable. The pants were given to me by Laurie aka biscuitsmom and I love them. They have great zippers but they are a bit big. It's hard for me to decide between what is acceptable big like boyfriend or slouchy and what is just frumpy too big, lol. So I need your help. The shoes are just fun beyond words.

Top - Lane Bryant, gift from inlaws

Pants - Lane Bryant, gift from Laurie aka biscuitsmom

Shoes - Converse All Stars

Earrings - Lia Sophia


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When your clothing creates a feeling.

In my WIW yesterday I said that the outfit made me feel like a dancer. Something about the flowy tunic tank over leggings and ballet flats made me feel like I should be dancing ballet or lyrical. The outfit was so comfortable and had such a high happiness factor that I would like more of that feeling. I have been tossing around the idea of wanting a ballerina/dancer type wrap sweater and skirted leggings and after yesterday it really reinforced that desire. Apparently I like feeling like a dancer, lol.

Do your outfits ever bring on certain feelings?


WIW-floral on a sunny day

Hi! This is an outfit I really like. The fluid top along with leggings and ballet flats make me feel like a dancer lol. It also makes me want to buy a wrap sweater and skirted leggings to extend that feeling, haha. I also have a hard time with tank tops and this one fits really well and I like the way it is cut.

Floral Tank - Jaclyn Smith, KMart

Grey Cardigan - Basic Editions, KMart

Black Ruched Leggins - Old Navy

Black Ballet Flats - Mossimo

Hoop Earrings - Lia Sophia

Stud Earrings - Kohl's

Pics 1 & 2 full view

Pic 3 full view with shades and cardigan open

Pic 4 full view with cardigan buttoned

Pic 5 close up of roses on tank

Pic 6 close up of earrings

Pic 7 close up of shoes

Pic 8 bonus pic of Rocky :)


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Proud of myself!

I have a hard time letting go of stuff. Even things that have seen better days. I have been working very hard at letting go of the not so great items and it is getting a little easier. Today I managed to put 24 items into a bag to donate. For me, that is a huge accomplishment. Go me! :)


WIW-Mother's Day, time to donate?

Hi! This is what I wore for a casual mother's day with family. I actually posted the same top combination a year ago, lol. http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ery-casual For some reason I like this shade of blue and green together.

I am wondering if it is time to donate the capris. They are actually way too long in the rise and I have to fold them over three times at the waist to make the rise fit which then makes it very bulky around my waist. Not to mention as short as I am I know how stumpifying capris are on me.

The top is also not the most complementary but it is so soft and I love it for some reason. So flattering doesn't always win in my book, sometimes comfort trumps flattering.

Pics 1-3: Full view                                                                                            Pic 4: Sunnies and new hair color, not much different than old hair color, lol  Pic 5: My anklet                                                                                                Pic 6: Showing the trim on the capris and my shoes

Tank top - Old Navy                                                                                       Blue top - Old Navy                                                                                     Capris - Classic Elements Woman                                                              Shoes - Basic Editions                                                                        Sunglasses - Stunner of the Month                                                             Anklet - Lia Sophia


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WIW-It's been a while.

It has been a long time since I have posted a What I Wore. My schedule doesn't mesh with anyone else's to try and get pics so I thought I would try the self timer button on my camera. Still working out the kinks and that's why my feet are cut off lol.

I like this outfit much better in person than in the pics. I feel so me in this. It has a bit of all of my favorite things. Comfy, casual, a bit of sheer, a bit of sparkle and a bit of fun with the sunnies. This outfit makes me feel a bit sporty, sassy and spunky which I like.

The top is grey with tabbed 3/4 sleeves and sheer trim around the scoop neck. The pants are a coral metallic which i'm not sure shows up in the photos. My Cons are silver lame and the shades are just fun. I much prefer bootcut to straight legs and the cut of the top emphasizes my hips and curves but I still have a very high happiness factor in this outfit.

Top - Lane Bryant, gift from inlaws                                                                     Pants - Diane Gilman, gift from inlaws                                                        Shoes - Converse                                                                                        Sunglasses - Stunner Of The Month

Pics 1-4 trying for full view

Pic 5 sunglasses

Pic 6-7 sheer trim on top

Pic 8 tab sleeves on top

Pic 9 shoes


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