WIW - Giving the 80's the cold shoulder

I love this top. It makes me feel like i'm rocking the 80's. It's so soft and comfy and I love the shoulder detailing and the shiny butterflies. Wore it dancing with my jeans, cowboy boots and a blingy butterfly ring.

Top: Ultra Teeze
Jeans: St. John's Bay
Boots: Abilene
Ring: ? bought at Deb Shop


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My May Clothing Numbers

Here are the numbers for my clothing inventory/spreadsheet for the month of May. I am late getting them done.

31 days in May
144 different items worn a total of
226 times, equals an average of
7.29 pieces a day
4 items in one day was the least amount worn
12 items in one day was the most amount worn
0 items purchased or acquired this month

I am surprised since the weather is normally nicer in May than in April that my average number per day was higher in May than in April. The least and most amount worn were the exact same as April.

April average 6.84
May average 7.29

Maybe there were more temperature flucuations leading to more clothing changes, i'm not sure, lol.

These numbers do include shoes, jammies, loungewear and outerwear/toppers.


WIW - grab bag ruffle

Last year Old Navy had grab bags for $20. I love any kind of grab bag. The unknown surprise is just fun. There were 5 items in the grab bag and surprisingly I liked and have worn every item.

I am not a big fan of yellow, ruffles or woven so I never would have bought this for myself but since its plaid I actually really like it. I didn't realize how crumply and wrinkled everything looked until I saw the pics.

I have it posted with two different pair of shoes. The brown sandals I actually like but they do stumpify me so I went with the white slip ons and the brown sweat jacket is for chilly a/c.

Cami: Old Navy
Top: Old Navy
Capris: Classic Elements Woman
Jacket: St. John's Bay
White Slip On Shoes: Basic Editions
Brown Sandals: Xhileration


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WIW - fuchsia & ppl

This is what i'm wearing to work today. My smiley tee just makes me happy, i also own the same tee in pink. I love my fuchsia bootcuts and they are just about ppl which isn't usually the case for very short me. Lilac shoes just to add a different color to the mix.

Top: Joe Boxer
Jeans: Diane Gilman
Shoes: Converse
Specs: Joy Mangano


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WIW - at the beach, polka dot tankini

It was a gorgeous day today and we spent part of it at the beach. I like a skirted bottom because it hides my hips, lol. Afterward we went for a good dinner and I had blue cotton candy for dessert ;)

Tankini: Athletech


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Yay! I'm a veteran at YLF!

Not sure when it happened but it was recently. My status changed from member to veteran. I do love it here! :)