WIW - White Suit

I think i'm feeling patriotic a day too late, lol. I never wear shirts this short, they make me feel uncomfortable. I like to wear tops that cover my bottom because I have a tummy and big hips. So this is normally hidden under a jacket of some sort. What do you think of this length. Is it fine, is it to be kept underneath something or is it time to let it go? The white suit! It is five years old. What do you think? Is it too Saturday Night Fever? Dated? Or is it still fine with the 3/4 sleeves and mandarin collar. Of course I casualize (is that a word?) everything with fun plaid tennies, lol. Sandals would probably look better but for work my feet get too cold in sandals. Bonus pics of my granddoggy Katie!

Top: Sport Savvy
Jacket: Apostrophe'
Capris: Apostrophe'
Shoes: Joe Boxer


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OT - Busy weekend

I just wanted to say Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone. It's a crazy busy wekeend for me. Yesterday was my husband's 44th birthday. We went out to dinner with my mom and his parents. Today is our 5th anniversary and we are leaving for a long weekend of camping :) Tomorrow is my mom's 74th birthday and we will celebrate sometime next week. Most likely I won't have any internet until I get home on Monday so happy weekend everyone. Hope its great!


WIW - simple

I wore this out to dinner for my husband's birthday and then to dance class and dancing. Its my basic formula for dance class: knit top, jeans, boots.

Top: Worthington
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Abilene

It was so hot I didn't even bother with any extera jewelry besides my wedding ring and two beaded rings my daughter made.


WIW - red: specs and sequins

This is an outfit I wore to work. I know Angie doesn't approve of corduroy's but I absolutely love them and I got these on super clearance for like 2 bucks. My daughter asked me why I was wearing Christmas earrings, lol. They are a bunch of small gold bells with red balls.

Top: Classic Elements Woman
Cardigan: Quacker Factory
Pants: St. John's Bay
Shoes: Balera
Earrings: Avon
Specs: Joy Mangano


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My Converse :)

Many of us here on the board love our Converse so I thought I would take a pic of mine and share my converse love :)

Clockwise from top:
lilac with fun cartoon drawings on the back
giraffe print hi-tops that used to glow in the dark
platinum sequins
purple flowers
red watercolor
silver lame

I would like some lime green and some bright orange ones :)


WIW - smiley, bonus flower pics

I wore this to dance class and then dancing the other night. Just a fun feel good outfit.

Cami: Old Navy
Tee: Joe Boxer
Jeans: Old Navy
Cowboy Boots: Abilene

Bonus pics of flowers :)


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WIW - lace and plaid

This is a casual outfit I wore to an outdoor church festival to listen to a band. I like the lace sleeves (which don't show well on the pic because of scrunching, lol) on the top because I don't have much lace in wardrobe.

Top: Danskin
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Hanes Her Way


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WIW-more specs for Angie & very casual

Worn for a casual day of relaxation. I know Angie won't like the length of the capris but she will like the specs, lol.

Tank - Old Navy
Top - Old Navy
Capris - Danskin
Sandals - Soho

It was a beautiful day and I was very comfy! The sequin sandals make me happy :)


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WIW - to dance class

I take line dancing lessons from 1-4 times every week. I love it and its good for me mentally and physically. Knit top, jeans, cowboy boots. Pretty standard class wear. :) Bonus pics of my sidewalk chalk art, lol, it was so gorgeous outside yesterday. Those names in the middle are our three doggies, lol.

Top: Myth
Jeans: Lane Bryant, gift
Boots: Abilene
Hair wrap: compliments of my daughter
Blingy earrings: ?
Chalk art: done by yours truly ;)


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Hair Wrap!

My daughter has been crafting like crazy lately and has made some friendship bracelets. My niece mentioned she used to use one of the patterns to wrap hair and so my daughter had to give it a try. I picked the colors and I love it. I think she did a great job. Excuse the reading glasses and no makeup face, lol.