When your clothing creates a feeling.

In my WIW yesterday I said that the outfit made me feel like a dancer. Something about the flowy tunic tank over leggings and ballet flats made me feel like I should be dancing ballet or lyrical. The outfit was so comfortable and had such a high happiness factor that I would like more of that feeling. I have been tossing around the idea of wanting a ballerina/dancer type wrap sweater and skirted leggings and after yesterday it really reinforced that desire. Apparently I like feeling like a dancer, lol.

Do your outfits ever bring on certain feelings?


Closet Organization?

There has been a lot of closet organization topics on the forum lately and I just love them. It has me considering a change.

Right now my closet is organized by item. Tanks together, short sleeve together, 3/4 sleeve together, etc. In the past I tried organizing by item and then by color but for some reason that didn't work for me.

Reading all of these posts on organizing by color though has me thinking about trying it again but this time by color. All black items together, still sorted by type. So I would still have tanks together but instead of different color tanks next to the black tanks I would have black tops and black pants, etc. Clear as mud, lol?

What works for your closet and the way you dress?


Thanks so much to Laura (rhubarbgirl)

I am really loving the Style Exchange Board here. Laura aka rhubarbgirl offered up some lovely items and I was lucky enough to get them. It's amazing to me that I can receive a box full of goodies and that everything will fit. I got a gorgeous dress, two shirts, two pair of shorts and a cardigan. I'm blessed. Thanks so much Laura! :)



biscuitsmom rocks!

Biscuitsmom is amazing. She sent me a huge box of clothes. I had been camping and came home to a big surprise. A big box filled with beautiful clothes. Some items still had tags. I immediately opened the box and pulled out piece after piece of beautiful clothing and one gorgeous pair of sandals. I tried on everything and had a fashion show for my mom. This is crazy but all 20 items fit me. I could not believe it. It was like she went out and bought a custom wardrobe made just for me. She really amped up my wardrobe with a few designer labels, and some dressy items. What I love the most (besides her thoughtfulness) is getting items in shapes, styles or colors I wouldn't buy myself but put on and instantly fall in love with. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics. I was fresh home from camping and in no shape for pics, lol but I am so thankful and appreciative of her kindness. :)


Mean comment from a customer about my coat

I work at a community center and therefore am a captive audience to many types of people. I have a regular customer that comes in every day. He is 54 and in a wheelchair. He comes in and pedals the recumbent bike for 10-20 minutes and then sits and talks to me for at least an hour.

Anyway, he isn't always the most subtle person and more than once I have told him he shouldn't talk to people the way he does.

So today, it was really cold and windy out and I broke out the puffer coat. For those of you that have seen some of my posts you know I like color so my puffer isn't a nice slimming neutral. It's a knee length hot pink puffer with bright orange lining.

I love this coat as much today as the day my mom bought it for me. The minute I saw the coat it made me happy and still makes me happy every time I wear it. So I walk in to work and the customer is already there. He says I want to say something but I know it will make you mad and hurt your feelings. I say then that is something you should keep to yourself. He says I know and then proceeds to tell me anyway that he doesn't like my coat and it makes me look huge.

It did hurt my feelings and now has me questioning whether I should wear something that I look huge in even though I love it. It's a coat and it's for warmth not to win a fashion show but still, that was just mean. :(


My newest Cons

I love a sale! I just saw these in the mall last week and loved them. They were on sale for 44.99 but that was still more than I wanted to pay. I came home looked them up online to show hubby. Like he cares, haha. I'm not sure its a good thing or a bad thing that the computer is like Big Brother watching you and tracks where you go and then shows you ads based on that. So today up pops the ad with my shoes on sale for 29.99 That is more like it and off I go to the mall. I got the very last pair, the display shoe, but they make me so happy! Yay for fun shoes! http://www.journeys.com/shi/pr.....02CFD67774


Spreadsheet numbers for June

I am way behind and finally got around to tallying my numbers for June. This does include shoes, jammies, swimsuits and outerwear.

There were 30 days in June
I wore 132 different pieces
a total of 226 times
averaging 7.53 pieces per day
5 was the least items worn in a day and
11 was the most items worn in day

My daily averages seem to keep going up, lol
April average 6.84
May average 7.29
June average 7.53

Maybe because it had been so hot and that includes swimsuits and things.

I personally made no new purchases in June but my mom bought me a gear type top and capri outfit.


My May Clothing Numbers

Here are the numbers for my clothing inventory/spreadsheet for the month of May. I am late getting them done.

31 days in May
144 different items worn a total of
226 times, equals an average of
7.29 pieces a day
4 items in one day was the least amount worn
12 items in one day was the most amount worn
0 items purchased or acquired this month

I am surprised since the weather is normally nicer in May than in April that my average number per day was higher in May than in April. The least and most amount worn were the exact same as April.

April average 6.84
May average 7.29

Maybe there were more temperature flucuations leading to more clothing changes, i'm not sure, lol.

These numbers do include shoes, jammies, loungewear and outerwear/toppers.


My Converse :)

Many of us here on the board love our Converse so I thought I would take a pic of mine and share my converse love :)

Clockwise from top:
lilac with fun cartoon drawings on the back
giraffe print hi-tops that used to glow in the dark
platinum sequins
purple flowers
red watercolor
silver lame

I would like some lime green and some bright orange ones :)


Hair Wrap!

My daughter has been crafting like crazy lately and has made some friendship bracelets. My niece mentioned she used to use one of the patterns to wrap hair and so my daughter had to give it a try. I picked the colors and I love it. I think she did a great job. Excuse the reading glasses and no makeup face, lol.