Closet Organization?

There has been a lot of closet organization topics on the forum lately and I just love them. It has me considering a change.

Right now my closet is organized by item. Tanks together, short sleeve together, 3/4 sleeve together, etc. In the past I tried organizing by item and then by color but for some reason that didn't work for me.

Reading all of these posts on organizing by color though has me thinking about trying it again but this time by color. All black items together, still sorted by type. So I would still have tanks together but instead of different color tanks next to the black tanks I would have black tops and black pants, etc. Clear as mud, lol?

What works for your closet and the way you dress?


Recommendations wanted

I am in search of knee high riding type boots. I am short and have very big calves so I need an extra wide shaft. Looking for a black pair around $100 or less with free shipping both ways in case in doesn't work. Yes, it's a tall order, lol. I have found this pair so far but am unsure because of the reviews so thought I would see if anyone has any other ideas. Thanks so much. :)