Help! I want to change the way I shop!

I am a total clearance/sale/bargain shopper. I have always been this way. I want to get the most for the least.

The problem is I am in this mood and I want some edgier pieces. A bit rocker/biker/pirate chick lol. Unfortunately you don't really find too much of this stuff on the clearance rack. To be honest, I haven't found too much at full price either and my full price would still have to be affordable.

How do I make myself pass on 5 or 6 great priced non edgy things to purchase one edgy piece for the same price. It's hard for me to wrap my head around paying full price.

I have a large wardrobe and don't really have any holes, just wants and I want some edge. Not a whole bunch but a small edgy capsule to start. I'm tired of my husband calling my dressing style "soccor mom" lol not that there is anything wrong with that at all but I want a little less sweet and a little more edge.

Thanks for letting me vent.