Feeling Fall

I was feeling fall this morning and organized my 3/4 sleeve tops by color. I like it lol. :)


Hair dye adventure! Lol

Hi! So the plan was to just put a few bleach streaks in my hair for a change of pace. The reality is this lol. Not sure how i managed it but the bleach streaks turned into hair that is yellow, orange, pink with some brown and black underneath.

I feel like Cyndi Lauper and I'm actually liking it at this moment. I'm sure change will be coming soon but Im good with it. :)


Proud of myself!

I have a hard time letting go of stuff. Even things that have seen better days. I have been working very hard at letting go of the not so great items and it is getting a little easier. Today I managed to put 24 items into a bag to donate. For me, that is a huge accomplishment. Go me! :)


New hair color, before and after

I needed a change of pace. I decided to go dark for the moment.

First pic taken on October 27
Second pic taken on October 31

I finally got around to uploading the pics lol


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OT - Busy weekend

I just wanted to say Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone. It's a crazy busy wekeend for me. Yesterday was my husband's 44th birthday. We went out to dinner with my mom and his parents. Today is our 5th anniversary and we are leaving for a long weekend of camping :) Tomorrow is my mom's 74th birthday and we will celebrate sometime next week. Most likely I won't have any internet until I get home on Monday so happy weekend everyone. Hope its great!