Recommendations wanted

I am in search of knee high riding type boots. I am short and have very big calves so I need an extra wide shaft. Looking for a black pair around $100 or less with free shipping both ways in case in doesn't work. Yes, it's a tall order, lol. I have found this pair so far but am unsure because of the reviews so thought I would see if anyone has any other ideas. Thanks so much. :)


No buy January!

I am kind of surprised I made it thru January without making any clothing or shoe purchases.

I did acquire two new items. A free tee shirt from work and I had returned a gift and had a gift card so picked up a top. I didn't try it on in the store and not sure I love it so it may go back. Since it was a gift card I don't count it.

I have also slowly but surely been removing things that just aren't that great for me anymore. Yay!

I will admit to seeing all kinds of gorgeous summer clothes in the store today so I doubt February will be a no buy month, lol.


Ebay question

I am eyeing a fringe suede bag on ebay. Most of them are from outside the U.S. and it mentions the buyer being responsible for tariff's etc. Is anyone familiar with this and how much does something like that end up costing?


Help! I want to change the way I shop!

I am a total clearance/sale/bargain shopper. I have always been this way. I want to get the most for the least.

The problem is I am in this mood and I want some edgier pieces. A bit rocker/biker/pirate chick lol. Unfortunately you don't really find too much of this stuff on the clearance rack. To be honest, I haven't found too much at full price either and my full price would still have to be affordable.

How do I make myself pass on 5 or 6 great priced non edgy things to purchase one edgy piece for the same price. It's hard for me to wrap my head around paying full price.

I have a large wardrobe and don't really have any holes, just wants and I want some edge. Not a whole bunch but a small edgy capsule to start. I'm tired of my husband calling my dressing style "soccor mom" lol not that there is anything wrong with that at all but I want a little less sweet and a little more edge.

Thanks for letting me vent.