Thanks so much to Laura (rhubarbgirl)

I am really loving the Style Exchange Board here. Laura aka rhubarbgirl offered up some lovely items and I was lucky enough to get them. It's amazing to me that I can receive a box full of goodies and that everything will fit. I got a gorgeous dress, two shirts, two pair of shorts and a cardigan. I'm blessed. Thanks so much Laura! :)



biscuitsmom rocks!

Biscuitsmom is amazing. She sent me a huge box of clothes. I had been camping and came home to a big surprise. A big box filled with beautiful clothes. Some items still had tags. I immediately opened the box and pulled out piece after piece of beautiful clothing and one gorgeous pair of sandals. I tried on everything and had a fashion show for my mom. This is crazy but all 20 items fit me. I could not believe it. It was like she went out and bought a custom wardrobe made just for me. She really amped up my wardrobe with a few designer labels, and some dressy items. What I love the most (besides her thoughtfulness) is getting items in shapes, styles or colors I wouldn't buy myself but put on and instantly fall in love with. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics. I was fresh home from camping and in no shape for pics, lol but I am so thankful and appreciative of her kindness. :)