WIW - enough of my whining

Oh my goodness, I am about to have a meltdown. This is the third time I am typing this up because somehow I keep losing it. Maybe that is a sign that we are not supposed to post boring stuff after all, lol.

I posted earlier that none of us seem to post our boring, everyday stuff. So! Enough of my whining. I am posting a very boring work outfit. On Wednesday's I get to wear jeans and a work tee.

The tee is from our dance program. The jeans are not my favorite. they are straight leg and I look much better in bootcut, but they were a gift and are the right length so I will wear them. The shoes are plaid and fun and the jacket matches the blue in the shoes since I don't have much yellow to go with the tee.

Tee - from work
Jeans - gift, Lane Bryant
Shoes - Joe Boxer
Jacket - Danskin
Sunnies - ?

Thanks for indulging me in my whine and my boring outfit, lol. :)


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When you don't "Look Fab"

I know this is a fashion forum and its about looking good and feeling good and being fashionable. I have read a few different times ( and I am guilty of this too) that people's clothes are too casual, or when on SYC, the items are too boring to post WIW pics. I have a very casual lifestyle and none of my clothes look like most of what gets posted, but I would love to see more WIW pics of casual, everyday, maybe not so fab outfits.

Am I the only one who feels this way?