WIW - Not me but I like it anyway.

This outfit isn't really me but I do like it anyway. It's very neutral and subtle and i'm usually much brighter. The top and the pants are both compliments of biscuitsmom/Laurie.

Normally I don't wear figure showing tops but I love the lace, the floral design and especially the bling. The pants are straight leg and I gravitate toward bootcut. I don't really have any neutral colored shoes for summer so I had to throw on my pink sequin Converse hi tops. Earrings are bees and I have had them forever.

Is the shirt too clingy and are the pants too big, they are a bit loose in the crotch area. Not sure if it shows?

Cami - Old Navy

Top - Karen Kane, compliments of biscuitsmom/Laurie

Jeans - Denim 24/7, compliments of biscuitsmom/Laurie

Shoes - Converse

Earrings - Avon

Pics 1-3 full

Pic 4 close up of bling on top

Pic 5 earrings

Pic 6 shoes

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  • E replied 9 years ago

    That shirt flatters you beautifully Cheryl! Not too clingy at all. :) I'll leave the trouser fit analysis to others, as they stymie me in general. But the outfit is so soft & lovely: I really like it on you! Maybe you should wear fitted tops more often. ;)

  • Gracie replied 9 years ago

    I think these colors totally work – the top specially looks very harmonious with your hair color. You might not be wearing your usual bright colors, but you got The Bling! – on both the top and the sneaks plus your great smile! I do not see any odd fit in the pants, and think the style of the leg looks very nice on you, perhaps your eye needs to adjust to this style. You look bee-autiful ;)

  • Isis replied 9 years ago

    Great outfit!  The top is not at all too clingy and the odd fit in the trousers that you mention is not evident.  You look great! 

  • catgirl replied 9 years ago

    This is very flattering!

  • rabbit replied 9 years ago

    The top looks like it fits well and is very pretty on you, especially with your long romantic hair.  It goes really well with the pants (which look like they fit fine to me, you could experiment with folding up or rolling at the bottom if you wanted to but they work as is to my eye.)  

    Your sneakers are so fun, and I think any brown or gray shoe could work too.  One thought is that if you have a belt that matches the color of a pair of shoes, you could try semi-tucking the top so a tiny bit of the belt shows and that will tie in the shoes to the larger outfit, even if they don't match the top and pants.  Also dark colors will bookend your hair.

  • cheryl replied 9 years ago

    Thank you so much everyone.

    Rabbit unfortunately I never do any kind of tucking at all, my shape just seems weird for it. I would love some grey shoes but don't own any and the brown shoes I have are more for fall/winter. I actually never considered throwing on black shoes because the outfit screams brown or neutral to me that's why I picked the pink ones even though the pink in the top is much softer and subtler. When I get home from work I will try on some black shoes and I will put grey shoes on my needed list, lol.

  • Alana in Canada replied 9 years ago

    This outfit is very flattering. Maybe it's your "wild card" outfit? Black shoes would be fine--especially as they will bookend your lovely hair.

  • cheryl replied 9 years ago

    Thank you Alana! This could be my wild card especially since I couldn't come up with anything when Angie posted about them. :)

  • rachylou replied 9 years ago

    It does go very well with your colouring, albeit different from your usual vibe. Sort of interesting to see one's self in a different light, is it not?

  • cheryl replied 9 years ago

    rachylou it is interesting. Sometimes its a good thing and sometimes not so much lol. :)

  • jackiec replied 9 years ago

    I'm glad you showed the close up of the top - great details! If you feel good you look good, and it shows! I think what makes this outfit is the pairing of the fab sparkly sneakers! Fun!

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    Cute as a button. Your BRIGHT Chucks add that special Cheryl pizazz. xo

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    Also, I hope you're hanging in there sweet lady. It's a tough time for you right now. Allow your fur babies to give you special TLC. Much love to you. xo

  • cheryl replied 9 years ago

    Thank you!

    Angie, thanks so much. I am hanging in there. Lots going on in my life right now and this is always a happy place for me. :) Hugs!!! xoxox

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