Recommendations wanted

I am in search of knee high riding type boots. I am short and have very big calves so I need an extra wide shaft. Looking for a black pair around $100 or less with free shipping both ways in case in doesn't work. Yes, it's a tall order, lol. I have found this pair so far but am unsure because of the reviews so thought I would see if anyone has any other ideas. Thanks so much. :)

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  • SandyG replied 5 years ago

    I shopped Nordstrom Rack today and found plain black Keen boots with a wide adjustable calf and a trifle shorter than knee high.

    I'm petite too, with a short calf length. It took multiple shopping trips before I found boots that fit, Born Kenin with the back zip. Tall boots can be difficult so  it might take time to find the right pair. Love Zappos! Good luck!   

  • Laura (rhubarbgirl) replied 5 years ago

    Barking dog shoes always have great recommendations - you might search the blog for boots and see what she's recommended in the past. Also, Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen had a post about tall boots recently - I'm on my tablet so I can't make a pretty link.

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    Please give these a whirl, Cheryl. They might fit the bill. 

  • MuseumGal replied 5 years ago

    I have these boots, and they are a great value for a synthetic leather boot.  They are comfy and look pretty good, both with skirts and with jeans tucked in.  Let me see if I can find a pic from last winter .... ok, not my best outfit ever, but here are the boots in action:

  • Desmo April replied 5 years ago

    Look into Fitzwell. Both Zappos and 6pm carry them but 6pm has huge deals on the brand.

    Not straight riding boots, but I have these in cognac and I love them. Real Leather!!! I can't bring myself to spend money on faux leather anymore, I always regret it. .

    I also have the Valencias but they are higher. They list a 16 inch circumference but my calves are MUCH wider--over 18.

  • Desmo April replied 5 years ago

    opps, some how double posted, too many tabs open..

  • cheryl replied 5 years ago

    Thanks everyone!
    MuseumGal thanks so much for the picture. It's great to see them in action.
    Desmo April, those are sweet and I like the price. Do you find them true to size and you do feel they are quite wide?

  • Desmo April replied 5 years ago

    I found them true to size. I wear a 10 which tends to give more room in the calf. One of the things that I love is the ankle isn't too wide which is a problem with virtually every other wide-calf boot I have ever had on.

    Also, check out Emmie's wide-calf boot round up.There are good suggestions in the comments too.

  • cheryl replied 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for the link. I've saved it so I can study it som more.

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