Leopard & Sequins

This one is as comfy as pajamas. Black top with matte sequins over a charcoal grey tank which I don't think is even visible. Charcoal and black leopard print leggings, my oh so comfy ballet flats and black and pink shades.

Tank - Old Navy

Top - LYS

Shoes - Mossimo

Shades - Stunner Of The Month


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WIW-boxy, purple, sequins

Hi everyone. This is an outfit I am wearing to work. I am such a magpie and I love the sequins on this shirt but I'm not sure if it is too boxy and/or too short. What do you all think?

The purple bootcut jeans are comfortable and a good length but they might be getting a little loose.

The shoes are Converse and have neat little scribble drawings on the heels.

The earrings are hand made for me by my daughter. I mentioned I wanted some sequin earrings and she whipped these up for me. I love them and even more because she made them for me.

Top - ANA

Jeans - Diane Gilman

Shoes - Converse

Earrings - Ventura :)


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WIW-feels like Audrey Hepburn

I'm not sure why. Must be the leggings and ballet flats but this outfit makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn. If only, lol. Very comfortable with a bit of fun edge thrown in for good measure. Camera died on me so couldn't get a shot of the studs on the side of the leggings or of the crazy big silver and black flower ring I am wearing.

Top - Te Amo, KMart 4.99

Leggings - Old Navy

Shoes - Mossimo, Target

Pics 1-4 full view

Pic 5 closeup showing the lace and stud details on the top

Pic 6 shoes


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WIW - edgy?

Another pretty neutral outfit. Not too edgy but the boots give it some surprise edge because the spikes aren't noticeable from the front. Just another comfy outfit for work. the shirt is very soft but maybe a bit too long. The cargo pants are too big at the waist but a belt takes care of that and I think they fit well through the legs. The spiked boots are my fun element. I love the feather earrings but could only find one (how does that happen?) so I decided to just wear one and wear rhinestone studs on the other side.

Top - Old Navy

Pants - Old Navy

Boots - Charles Albert


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WIW - Rare Sight

Me in a skirt. It just doesn't happen very often. I am not comfortable in skirts and dresses so I don't wear them often. Any input or thoughts on feeling more comfortable? Special thanks to LACeleste for the beautiful cardigan.

Cami/Tank - Old Navy

Cardigan - Vertical Design, compliments of LACeleste

Skirt - Attention, KMart

Shoes - Basic Edition, Kmart

Sunglasses - Ebay


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WIW-super casual

Super casual outfit I wore out to the campground. I almost tossed the top because it was fussy where it crossed and would sometimes gap but I layered a black cami under it and that took care of the problem. The bermudas I got on super clearance at the end of last summer and paid a whopping $1.80. They are soft, stretchy and so comfortable. The sandals were an even better buy. I got them for $.99 cents after using a $10 off coupon at JCPenney last summer. Don't mind the naked toes, they are now painted lol. :)

Cami - ?

Black Crossover Top - ?

Bermudas - Glo, Kmart, $1.80

Sandals - Mixit, JCPenney, $.99 


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WIW - lime stripes

Please excuse the crazy hair, it is super breezy! :) My daughter calls these my Beetlejuice pants lol. Lime is my favorite color so this is a happy outfit for me. I love the mandarin collar on the blouse. One of the few woven tops that I own. The pants are just fun even though they are not  extremely flattering. The stripes do not photograph well but look better in the close up of the shoes. The shoes are sequin and so fun and I got them on clearance for $15 which makes me very happy. Accessories are big shades or green readers and my animal Pandora bracelet.

Top - Faded Glory Woman

Pants - Diane Gilman

Shoes - Gotta Flurt

Sunnies - Stunner of the Month

Readers - Joy Mangano

Bracelet - Pandora


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WIW-pants, keep or pass on?

Hi! This is another comfy casual outfit. The top is so comfortable. The pants were given to me by Laurie aka biscuitsmom and I love them. They have great zippers but they are a bit big. It's hard for me to decide between what is acceptable big like boyfriend or slouchy and what is just frumpy too big, lol. So I need your help. The shoes are just fun beyond words.

Top - Lane Bryant, gift from inlaws

Pants - Lane Bryant, gift from Laurie aka biscuitsmom

Shoes - Converse All Stars

Earrings - Lia Sophia


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WIW-floral on a sunny day

Hi! This is an outfit I really like. The fluid top along with leggings and ballet flats make me feel like a dancer lol. It also makes me want to buy a wrap sweater and skirted leggings to extend that feeling, haha. I also have a hard time with tank tops and this one fits really well and I like the way it is cut.

Floral Tank - Jaclyn Smith, KMart

Grey Cardigan - Basic Editions, KMart

Black Ruched Leggins - Old Navy

Black Ballet Flats - Mossimo

Hoop Earrings - Lia Sophia

Stud Earrings - Kohl's

Pics 1 & 2 full view

Pic 3 full view with shades and cardigan open

Pic 4 full view with cardigan buttoned

Pic 5 close up of roses on tank

Pic 6 close up of earrings

Pic 7 close up of shoes

Pic 8 bonus pic of Rocky :)


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WIW-Mother's Day, time to donate?

Hi! This is what I wore for a casual mother's day with family. I actually posted the same top combination a year ago, lol. http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ery-casual For some reason I like this shade of blue and green together.

I am wondering if it is time to donate the capris. They are actually way too long in the rise and I have to fold them over three times at the waist to make the rise fit which then makes it very bulky around my waist. Not to mention as short as I am I know how stumpifying capris are on me.

The top is also not the most complementary but it is so soft and I love it for some reason. So flattering doesn't always win in my book, sometimes comfort trumps flattering.

Pics 1-3: Full view                                                                                            Pic 4: Sunnies and new hair color, not much different than old hair color, lol  Pic 5: My anklet                                                                                                Pic 6: Showing the trim on the capris and my shoes

Tank top - Old Navy                                                                                       Blue top - Old Navy                                                                                     Capris - Classic Elements Woman                                                              Shoes - Basic Editions                                                                        Sunglasses - Stunner of the Month                                                             Anklet - Lia Sophia


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